Go2Krynica – the one and only eco T-shirts online

The Go2Krynica T-shirts are an excuse to take care
of the environment and enjoy its diversity together.
100% organic cotton, watercolour paints
and eco production process – we try our best
to make T-shirts in harmony with the nature itself.

You don’t know what you have till it’s gone

You don’t know what you have till it’s gone

In our case it’s the place of origin we left some time ago – Krynica with its majestic mountains, therapeutic mineral springs and unique microclimate. Krynica has become our source of inspiration and transformed our lifestyle which we now want to share with you by our unusually designed eco T-shirts.

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The Go2Krynica brand shows that we can protect and enjoy the nature together. By producing eco T-shirts and working with the designers for whom nature is important, we prove that taking care of it is possible every step of the way. We want Krynica to become a source of inspiration and eco lifestyle also for you.

Go2Krynica Clothing
Go2Krynica Clothing - What we're made of
Go2Krynica Clothing - Koszulka
Go2Krynica Clothing - Piękne idee


we hope that the Go2Krynica T-shirts
will be worn by the people for whom
nature is not only an idea to rejoice in,
but by those who respect the laws
of nature and try to preserve it.

Go2Krynica Clothing - Piękny Materiał


We believe that natural fabric
is the most beautiful so our T-shirts
are made of 100% organic cotton.
What’s more, even the prints are made
with the natural watercolour paints.

Go2Krynica Clothing - Piękne wzory


To charm you with our designs,
we invited talented artists to work with us.
We want the prints on our T-shirts to be
as unique and exceptional as the nature itself.